About Us

Project Blessing Food Pantry has been working to eliminate hunger in our community since the 1980s. We serve approximately 1,800-2,000 clients from Scottsburg west to Reedsport, Gardiner, and Winchester Bay, an area with 18-20% food insecurity. We are the Fresh Alliance Partner Agency for Coastal Douglas County, working with local restaurants and grocery stores to redistribute food that would otherwise go to waste. Between these donations and supplies from the USDA, we provide about 200,000 pounds of food each year to our clients. We also work with the Douglas Public Health Network to make sure that those required to quarantine due to COVID receive the food they need.

Project Blessing is a nonprofit organization registered through the 501(c)(3) of the Reedsport Church of God.  It is supported by local businesses, service clubs, and the churches of LUMA (Lower Umpqua Ministerial Association.) It is administered by an executive director under the guidance of an advisory board of directors and run thanks to the efforts of many volunteers from the community.