Our mission combines the message of Christ with practical service. Take a look at some tools available to help you recover, learn, and grow.

If You Need Help

Are you in danger, feeling lost, need a helping hand, or would just like a meal delivered while you deal with a big life event?  Call or visit the church, or browse this list of local and national programs that might be able to serve you.

Christian Counseling

Schedule a free session with our skilled counselor.


A support group and at-home program to help and encourage anyone grieving the death of a loved one.

Who Is Jesus?

Christianity is all about Jesus. But why do we need him anyway? What makes us different from other religions? Read our explanation about the greatest news you'll ever hear.

Choosing a Bible

With so many different Bible translations out there, there's a lot of confusion about which to choose for your own personal reading and study.  Here's some background information that will help you navigate the intriguing world of Bible translation.

Photo Directory

Get in touch with the people who make up our congregation.  Please contact the church if you need help with the password.